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A Flimping Fiasco | 16/1/2015

Some taxi trivia

It’s something that cab drivers in the know will be aware of, but those of us looking to hail a car for our onward journey may not be aware of the term ‘flimping’. This is an illegal practice in the world of taxis, involving private hire cabs picking up passengers who haven’t pre-booked; licensed Hackney carriages are the only cabs allowed to do so.

Undercover Taxi Test

In trying to prevent this practice, Leicester City Council goes as far as to carry out undercover test purchase operations in order to catch the dastardly drivers, who could potentially lose their licences. The council carries out at least four of these operations per year for troublesome taxis, in order to ensure that hackney carriages are free to roam their ranks and business isn’t being taken away from them.

Private or Public Hire Taxi Insurance Quote

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